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Friday, December 18, 2015

Musk Melon Hashale / Rasayana

Musk Melon Hashale is a sweet dessert from Konkani cuisine. A chopped musk melon is been mixed in to the sweet coconut milk with cardamom flavour in it. This is often served chilled as a dessert. You can also serve this dish with the topping of flattened rice.

Preparation Time : 15 min
Serves : 4


English Name For Ingredients
Hindi Names For Ingredients
Musk Melon Chopped
कटा हुआ कस्तूरी तरबूज
1 Cup
As per taste
Freshly grated coconut
किसा हुआ नारियल
1 Cup
Cardamom Powder
इलायची पाउडर
A large Pinch
Flattened rice (Optional)
A tbsp

Preparation :

1)Chop musk melon and keep aside.

2)In a blender add freshly grated coconut and a glass of water, blend nicely and collect coconut milk using a strainer.
3)Repeat this procedure until you collect two cups of coconut milk.
4)Transfer the coconut milk in to a large bowl and add jaggery to get a required sweetness. Let jaggery dissolve and mix nicely. Add crushed cardamom and stir.

5)Mix diced musk melon into sweetened milk and stir. Refrigerate it for about one hour.
6)Serve chilled musk melon hashale plain or with the topping of flattened rice.

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